Grapevine Right, Grapevine Left

The great thing about subbing for Mr. H is that he has a stereo system set up in his classroom. Like, with mounted speakers and a receiver with lots of buttons to push and knobs to turn. He even has a turntable. Straight up.

So, we started out class with a little Dave Matthews. We're chillin' to Dave. We're kickin' it. And then somebody broke out a country CD and, despite all the moaning and groaning about country music, I put it on (annoying kids IS my job, after all).

And, boy, were the kids complaining. At first. Until some kid said, "Hey! This is an Electric Slide song." And I said, "Reeeealllly. Well, why don't you teach us that Electric Slide?"

And he DID. We moved some desks and the kid got up and TAUGHT the Electric Slide. And some kids actually participated. It was so bizarre. There were gangstas learning to line dance. And if that isn't comedy, I don't know what it.



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