It Wasn't Mine

Subbing for P.E. is such a joy.

Today, my class of 50 kids, plus two other classes, crammed into the gym where the kids could play badminton, basketball, and/or go to the weight room.

The main problem with having 150 kids in the gym, as a sub, is that you have no idea which kids belong to you and which kids belong to the other teachers. This is especially bad if there is more than one sub in the gym, because then nobody really knows which kid belongs to which teacher.

In other words:

I do not know if it was one of my kids who spilled a Coca-Cola all over the basketball court, resulting in two kids slipping (who also may or may not have been mine).

I do not know if it was one of my kids who built a pyramid of spit-out sunflower seeds in the middle of the gym floor.

I do not know if it was one of my kids who smashed a Pop Tart under the bleachers.

And I do not know if it was one of my kids who removed all of the strings from a badminton racket and was swinging it around his arm like a miniature, arm-version of the Skip-It.

It was a fabulous day.



Blogger Janet said...

As an additional point: not only do you not know if the kids are yours, you don't know if they even belong in PE. They could be ditching another class. They could be off the street. And you would just go right on with the lesson plan.

10:56 AM  
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