Nap Time

Remember those documentary movies from high school? The ones where some unexciting and monotonous doctor of something-or-other would drone on and on about the Incas or a neuron's dendritic tree? Remember having to take a page of notes, but barely being able to stay conscious?

Yeah, well, they still show those movies and they haven’t gotten any better. It is still some monotone professor in a bad tie and tweed jacket talking about some topic that the kids, and the sub, cannot stay awake for.

Today we are watching an engrossing film on modern irrigation canals. Engrossing, I tell you.



Blogger Kathryn said...

ha ha funny!! i hate school.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Irb said...

I really liked those old, deteriorating educational films made in the 50s, which featured a young boy with a crewcut usually named "Timmy" or "Billy" learning about science (and perhaps a little about life) from the professor.

For example, Billy would fall and skin his knee. He would then proclaim, "I hate gravity! I wish there WAS no gravity!"

The professor would then explain, in excrutiating detail, about how if there was no gravity, we'd all float up into the sun and be burned to death. And then there'd be nobody to stop the Communists from taking over.

And then Billy, totally turned around by this impeccable reasoning, would smile and proclaim his undying love of gravity. And America.

Sigh... memories...

10:26 AM  

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